Acting Classes


Acting Classes


For the beginning and intermediate actor.

Focus is on:

Developing your instrument (concentration, imagination, relaxation) through exercises and improvisation.

Developing a practical method, or process for acting that works for you. Assignments are given, prepared out of class, then presented in class. Most students must take technique before moving on to Scene Study.  

Mondays 11am – 3pm

Fridays 11am – 3pm

Wednesdays 7:30 pm – 11:00 pm

Sundays 6-10pm

Los Angeles Scene Study 1

A bridge between Technique Class and Scene Study.

Students will break down and work on a scene for four weeks.  Focus on improv, technique and growth
Tuesdays       7:30–11pm

Thursdays         11:30-3pm

Fridays 6-9:30pm

Los Angeles Scene Study 2

Exploring the actor’s process in scenes. A more advanced scene study focusing on character and technique. Preparation is the key for this dynamic class.

Students usually work every week on a scene or monologue
Mondays       7:30–11pm

Saturdays      1–5pm

 Wednesdays 12-3:30

Los Angeles Scene Study 3

Applying the actor’s process consistently and advanced character study.

This is our most advanced scene study for working actors or students who've worked up through the studio scene study classes. Students usually work every week using material from film, television and theater.
Thursdays     7:30–11pm

 Wednesdays 12-3:30

Wednesday's is a combination Scene Study 2 & 3

Los Angeles Private Acting Coaching

For auditions, career advice, accelerate the process of learning, or on set coaching. Please contact the studio for rates and availability. Discounts for enrolled students

Specialty Classes

 Audition Technique, Voice Training for Film, Improv, 

These are a few of the specialty classes that we offer

All classes take place at our studio in Los Angeles

Improv !


Dan Stransky is teaching our Improv Workshop

Focus on the process, not the outcome

Allow stress and butterflies to fuel for the performance, not an obstacle

 Practice, Practice Practice and respond with confidence!

Studio members: $200
Non-Studio members: $280