What class will I be placed in?

All new students to Speiser Sturges are placed in one of our Technique classes. This is to familiarize you with the technique we teach and the terminology we use. Under some circumstances new students with a professional reel and training may be placed in a Scene Study class. Please know this is to be serve you and Technique is the most informative and useful class we teach.

Do you offer refunds or prorate?  

We do not offer refunds or prorate, your tuition is not transferable. Please be sure that you wish to enroll before you pay. If you have a special circumstance, please inform the office manager asap and we can work to perhaps extend your enrollment if you must miss class for a prolonged period of time. Think of your membership as you would a gym membership or an arts school. We hope that you will come regularly and get the most of class, but cannot credit you if you don't attend, we have saved that space for you.

I want to study with Shanon Sturges, can I be placed in her class?

We do not guarantee an particular teacher, when you are a student you will have access to all of the instructors and can audit all of the regular session classes

How long is your program?  

Our Technique class runs for 12 weeks and is ongoing. It doesn't not matter when you join, you can join anytime in the 12 weeks, including in the middle of the month. Our scene study classes are ongoing and monthly. If you are new to the Studio a minimum 3 month commitment is required.

What technique do you teach?

Our technique is specifically focused for film and television.  It is based primarily on the teachings of Stanislavski, as well as Spolin, Hagen, and other great teachers.  However, Stanislavski's work was strictly focused on theatre.  We have updated and modernized the entire technique so that we can stay at the cutting edge of modern acting.  Our goal in all of this work is to create truthful behavior (life) in the imaginary world of the script.  

When you join a scene study class, there is no rehearsal, blocking, or projecting of your voice.  We want to prepare you to be a professional film actor.  When you join, you are given a copy of Uta Hagen's RESPECT FOR ACTING, as well as our studio binder with our techniques and exercises.

What material do you use in scene study? 

We use material from film, television and plays. In the beginning the teacher will select your material, eventually you should be finding material to work on.

What rules should I know? 

There is no violence in the studio, ever. There is no food or drink allowed in the studio (water and coffee are allowed) Please turn off your cell phones, refrain from texting and no recording of your fellow students. If you stop paying tuition, you will need to rejoin again for the minimum three months. Always be respectful, acting is being vulnerable.

I'm only in town for a month, can I take class?

Yes, we offer one month for $600 this includes our studio book and binder, and access to all eleven classes. Contact the studio for more information.

Do you offer kids classes?  

Not at this time. We recommend our trained teachers, Deena Freeman (check out her website here!) and Ada Luz Pla. Contact the studio for their info. Shannon does offer private coaching for teens and youth.

Do you offer private coaching? 

Yes, Shannon and the associate teachers all offer private coaching. Aaron is no longer taking on any new private students. Contact the studio for rates, discounts are offered to current studio members. Sessions are held in our studio on La Cienega or via Skype. 

I have more questions

Please schedule an audit or email the studio, we are happy to help.